Monday, August 02, 2010

Okay, so this just randomly amused me.

I was treated to the carnival of human behavior that is a garage sale this weekend. I'll write about the dumpster divers that came back today, but my favorite was this guy named Michelet. He was going to pick up some furniture from my friend's house, but he needed his wife's okay before picking it up. So he hands my friend the phone and tells her that his wife isn't getting what the furniture is like so could she please describe it.

Friend: Hello?
Michelet's wife: Hello?
Friend: Hello?
Michelet's wife: Hello?
Friend: What would you like to know?
MW: What is your name?
Friend: [tells name]
MW: How old are you?
Friend: [somewhat puzzled by request for age, since they're supposed to be discussing a bedroom set. Nevertheless, she provides the information]
MW: Are you a lesbian?
Friend: Michelet, I think you need to go over this with your wife.

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